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  1. says:

    having a hard time passing the one test it wont let me drag my answer to the questions so i cant pass the test 🙁

  2. says:

    I am having an issue with the exam i submitted the correct way of the test and every time i finish the exam it shows differently than what i submit for as the answer i took pictures to show the difference from what i submitted to what it showed please and also i need to change my email from milliesnotary@YAHOO.COM TO BPTO1998@GMAIL.COM.

  3. says:

    For the following question : The following items are prohibited in the barbershop. Ove the answers in the correct order to match up their replacements?
    A. Powder puff- Elecrtric lather or canned dispenser
    B. Sty-tic pencils- powder or liquid form only
    C. Neck dusters- paper/towel hand wraps
    D. Finger Bowls- spray bottle or running water
    E.Sponge- Clean Steam Towels
    F. Mug and brush- individual hand towels
    G. Conventional straight razor- changeable blade razors
    These r the way i submitted the answers but the times i submitted it it comes up wrong

  4. says:

    I need a phone call to speak to someone because today i go into to taking the test and that one question keeps changing on its own I’ve token pictures before and after and i need help i need this asap I’m applying for my barber license

  5. Kuarigreen says:

    I paid for the course twice and unable to take exam. Not allowing me to go further when i paid.

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